fredag 27. mai 2011

1. Go Bus Baby Go

01 - Go Bus Baby Go by sodafountainrag

Go Bus Baby Go

Surely you trapped her
She’s longing more and more to leave
And not with another
Solitude knocks out your company
But how do you leave
When you don’t want no one to follow?
Pay cash, and then let the driver take you
To a less crappy tomorrow

You want her to stay
To hide her away
I told her to go
But you do not know
You can search hi’
You can search lo’
She’s thinking
Go Bus Baby Go!

You want her to stay
To hold her hand
You’ll keep her safe
From all that you can
You can search hi’
You can search lo’
She’s saying
Go Bus Baby Go!

What an adventure!
Snow falls outside the window
And all the streetlights
Follows her on her flight
She reads books by Jim Carroll
She feels no sorrow
Leans back whilst the driver takes her
To a less crappy tomorrow

This first song, Go Bus Baby Go, is based on an idea I got when travelling on the bus from Lillehammer to Bergen one easter holiday. The title is an homage to one of the really early Manic Street Preachers demos – a song that later became Motorcycle Emptiness. Two people in the whole world have figured this out by themselves – good boys! 

Øst-vest Xpressen going between Lillehammer and Bergen. For those of you who enjoy the feeling of the ass going to sleep. The bus is clearly in need of romanticising. 

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