onsdag 29. desember 2010

Märk hur vår skugga

Started listening to some Cornelis Vreeswijk tonight after some beer and akevit with my mum and dad. Among other great tracks the one called "Märk hur vår skugga" also known as Fredmans epistel nr. 81. Started to think of my obsession with Imperiets version of this song. In 2003 I used to walk around at one of the graveyards in Bergen (Solheim I think) and listen to this song over and over again.

I'm thankful that being an "emo" wasn't an option (as a subculture) when I was younger, or I would surely have been one. Clearly I was emo, but there wasn't a group of us.
Fun fact: I discovered Imperiet this way: I had a bit of a hang up on the sentence "Die Mauer im Kopf" (yes, these things happen...). This was early in 2001 and Napster was still going strong so I wrote "Die Mauer" in the search-field and waited for a while. Then a song popped up: Imperiet - Die Mauer. Whoha! It was great! I later found out that this song was wrongly labelled as Die Mauer is really an Ebba Grön song. But anyway. Rom byggdes inte på en dag. Mhm!

I ordered the trip back to Bergen today, by boat and the fabulous MS Nordstjernen. This picture is from back in the BDS-days:
For those of you who own the Reel around Me vinyl - you might recognize the flag in the corner.

tirsdag 28. desember 2010

The Transport EP

This EP was made when we played in Stockholm this August, and it's still available via the Arctic Nutters page.   This is what they say about payment: You can buy this EP at Cosy Den events and DJ sets. If you're too far away, there's always the good old mail. For international orders, just calculate the total price for your order. The currency of your country is fine. Prices including shipping are...

20 SEK (within Sweden), 30 SEK (abroad)

Please send an e-mail to: thirdfloorfireescapeview (at) gmail.com and you'll recieve very simple instructions.

This EP includes these four songs:

1. Go bus baby go
2. Ferry
3. The train to heaven
4. I watch the boats
Price: 20 SEK

mandag 27. desember 2010

A December Night

Here is this years christmas song. Partly recorded in Italy, partly at home. Push the arrow if you wish to download.

Soda Fountain Rag - A December Night by sodafountainrag

The Plan

Ok, here is my plan for this blog (so far): I'm thinking of posting one song per week (more or less). It might be an old song, it might be a new song, and it might be a demo version of an old or a new song. The first one will arrive today (hopefully).

lørdag 25. desember 2010

SFR in Italia

As some of you might know, SFR went to Italy in early December to record some songs. We managed 5 songs (+ the christmas song) in 3 days. Don't know what we will end up doing with them, but I'm sure we'll think of something. Something clever. The future of Soda Fountain Rag is a bit unclear at the moment, because our last bass player left us in August. I try to keep the project going, because it would be really stupid to let one person destroy one of the few things that makes life worth living. That sounded quite pompous! Haha! Anyway, I wanted to start this blog to try to get away from myspace. I will write when I feel like writing, even if there aren't any interesting things happening with SFR, and if I don't feel like writing, I won't, even if there are interesting things happening with SFR. OK?
I had the idea that I could make older and less known SFR songs available through this site, if I can figure out how to do it. (EDB-kurs mottas med takk) These kind of brackets with norwegian sentences might occur, but just ignore them. Also, I could publish demos and stuff like that, if I would make any. I might, you know! And I might also just talk about boring stuff that interests me, or interesting stuff that interests me or just everyday stuff that I feel like sharing, or not, I don't really know yet - this blog might be anything! How very exciting!
Ok, now I try for the very first time to put some pictures in my blog.

 "Why, O Why is she playing the guitar?" you might think, but don't worry, this is not a permanent change in the line-up of the band.

Looks like I made it. So homework for the next week will be figuring out how to make my songs available to you! Until then, good night!