søndag 23. januar 2011

Library Books

Today's song is brand new - i.e. it hasn't been released before, but it was written a while ago on a summer day. The library in question is Bergen public library. A very nice place, although their collection of german childrens books could be way better.

Soda Fountain Rag - library books by sodafountainrag

I was supposed to be doing cool things today. Going out on a scary ferry trip to Valestrand and play some violin, but my throat hurts like hell. I really love my job, but why oh why do the kids in the kindergarden have to be so contagious? By the way, I had the coolest conversation with one of the kids the other day about the u-bahn in Berlin. Finally someone I can talk to who shares my interest for this the greatest of inventions. U8 is my favourite, but next time I go to Berlin I want to check out the U7. Look at those stations, espescially Paulsternstrasse.

I watched two episodes of Spise med Price today. I have this thing for scandinavian television programs about cooking. The Mat Tina obsession back in 2002 was particularly big.

lørdag 15. januar 2011


Before the week is over - here's this week's song. This one is also from the EP "I Love You" and it's about a dog called Ludvig.

Soda Fountain Rag - Dog by sodafountainrag

 After searching a bit around on this computer I found more pictures of Ludvig
This is from back in 2007 when we used to go for long walks in the city of Bergen. I'm endlessly grateful that Hr. Nilsson let me borrow his dog so many times, but I guess he knows that by now. Doctors should be able to write out presciptions for the borrowing of dogs for depressed persons. Research shows it's working, so why not? Service dogs are allready available for other uses...

This has been an exhausting week. My ass and my sofa are now well connected buddies.

mandag 3. januar 2011

I'll sing you to sleep

Hello all!
Here is this week's song. Originally from an EP called "I Love You", released by Myhoney records the summer of 2007. This is what it looked like:

Soda Fountain Rag - I'll sing you to sleep by sodafountainrag

And there's the song.

I finally decided between the 6 pairs of glasses yesterday. Now I will see everything more clearly!

This is what a happy person looks like

I'm trying to think of good things from the year 2010, and this is really a prime example. Good times, good memories, nice people, a cool place, the worst rainstorm ever. Nattbuss. Haninge. Ridå.

lørdag 1. januar 2011

An old mixtape for a new year

Hello all!
It's been a very quiet new years eve on my part. As usual. Watched the fireworks from the Big window with my mum and dad. Now it's almost time for bed. I'm not a big fan of this evening, it reminds me of too many unpleasant thoughts that I try to push away the rest of the year. I'm trying to find things to look forward to: I got a DVD with two danish cooks (spise med price) for Christmas, and I'm really looking forward to being a sofa geek and watch it (I'm saving it for Bergen), I'm also looking forward to a pair of new glasses! I just have to decide how they are going to look like first. I will end up looking like the worlds biggest nerd, and I'm quite pleased with that.
But now over to something completely different: When I left Bergen for the vacation I found a mix tape cd:

This is what it looks like ("Vår 2007" = spring 2007, ask your italian friends about the meaning of "che palle" - spring 2007 was not good times). I listened to it on the boat (MS Nordlys), and I was quite surprised several times. I really loved the tracklisting. It was perfect for December 16.! Maybe it could work for 2011 too? I don't know. If you want to try, these are the tracks:

  1. Evil Tordivel – A fine young man
  2. Don’t be kate! – Cul de sac
  3. Strip Squad –  If you don’t take me right away you might as well fuck off
  4. Strip Squad – Meat of lamb
  5. Slagsmålsklubben – Kasta sten
  6. Cerrato – Drama Queen
  7. Camera Obscura – A sister’s social agony
  8. Alphaville – Big in Japan
  9. My Darling You! – We break up on friday
  10. My Darling You! – It’s not nice to be alone in the fall
  11. My Darling You! – Cigarettes and peoplesbeer
  12. My Darling You! – Friday
  13. The Long Blondes – Once and never again
  14. The Killers – When you were young
  15. Rough Bunnies – Stallion tears on the radio
  16. Princess Niko - Dancando sozinho ao luar (I think – struggled a bit to find out)
  17. My Darling You! – I had beautiful strenght and armoured heart
  18. Le Sport – Your brother is my only hope
  19. The Pipettes – School uniform
  20. Ida Maria – Queen of the world
  21. Lucky Lucky Pigeons (?) – Who smells marshmallows
  22. Montt Mardie – New York
  23. Vapnet – Ge dom våld
  24. Joe Hisaishi – Pigeons and a boy
And no, you Can Not skip Alphaville!

Hope you can find January tolerable!

The very best wishes from Soda Fountain Ragnhild