lørdag 15. oktober 2011

U7 and 8 demo

Hello! In the hope that your weekend will be better than mine. Here's a quick demo for you. Last time in Berlin I promised a song about the u-bahn. This song is about the lines U7 and U8. As you probably can hear it's recorded with a sore throat and not at all mixed, but I need to get some stuff out.

U7 and 8 demo by sodafountainrag


U7 and 8

Take the stairs – go down with me!
Take my hand
I'll let you see
Pay your way
Now close your eyes
It's OK!

I would surely go with you
Smell your air
Your colour's blue
Just like me
You tend to be
On your own

Who would take the city bus?
The car, the tram
With all it's fuss?
The score is clear
I let you know that you won

And then I say I love you too
But most of all
I love the blue
I hide my head
I never want to go home!

I'm going under!
I don't see the sun
But the endless black tunnells
Won't leave me alone
Keep me safe
Keep me hidden
U7 and 8
From the monsters that I do create

Sometimes you ask me
Oh, what are you for?
That's when I fall to pieces
I'm closing the door
Going down
Going under
U7 and 8
From the darkness that I do create

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