torsdag 3. januar 2013

The Words Disappear

Mmmkay, I did actually record a "new" (i.e. old) guitar solo on this one sometime this fall.
Still sounds like...well, me.
The soda account over at twitter has been turned into something to channel whining in norwegian through. I will try to not do the same to this blog - it will be better to leave it to die I think. Although I've got enough whining to go around for both of them.
2012 has been fucked up. 2013 will not have to include many positive elements to be a better year. However I thought nothing could be worse than 2011, so...anywaaay...Hope you all ("all"?) are ok, or ok-ish. I love you. You know I do.

PS. The chickens are dead now.

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