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from the old myspace blog: "The Gigography" & "Is it Really about Childhood?"

Wow, they gave it back to me! Now we may enjoy several years of my wit and great humour! There's no point in posting it all tho', because there's a lot of "nice review - here (dead link)" going on, but here are two lists, one from 2010 and one from 2008.

From 17.09.2010

Soda Fountain Rag Gigography, with my comments

07.09.06 –
Phonofestivalen, Café Opera (Bergen, Norway) – The only gig with a banjo!

06.10.06 – Bergen
Bandstand, Kvarteret (Bergen) – We won! Still waiting for quite a lot of the prize.

30.11.06 –
support for Rough Bunnies, Spasibar (Oslo, Norway) – With the “band” on CD,
hehe, great to meet Frida and Anna.

01.02.07 –
Kvarteret (Bergen) – At this gig Anders went off stage, through the crowd, over
to the sound engineer and yelled at him because he was doing a really bad job, then
he went back on stage. In the meantime I did an Alx Rose-dance.

14.02.07 –
Morya (Brescia, Italy ) – Almost dead from the flu.

15.02.07 –
Lego (Cesena, Italy) – I felt like a star! First time we met Zonda.

16.02.07 –
Capannone sociale (Vicenza, Italy) – hohoholy shit, really bad gig.

17.02.07 –
Ponterotto (Firenze, Italy) – One of the best days in my whole life.

18.02.07 –
Zuni (Ferrara, Italy) – Lots and lots of people.
Driving all night and being very sad (“Driving in your car” is related to this night).

03.03.07 –
With Montt Mardie and Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, Kvarteret (Bergen) – Great night,
playing with heroes.

19.04.07 –
Torsdagsrock, Hulen (Bergen) – Why oh why did I say yes to this gig?

19.07.07 –
Loco Squad (Milano Marittima) – My mum and dad and my best friend were all there!

20.07.07 –
Bagno Moderno (Marina di Grosseto) – Haha, SFR on a beach! Now that’s ridiculous!

21.07.07 –
Nosilenz Festival (Brescia) – It smelled very much like a farm, and featured a great puppy called Molly.

22.07.07 –
Castello dei Pico (Mirandola, Modena) – Playing at the castle of an old comparative religion-hero, not bad.

25.08.07 – Support for Pelle Carlberg, Hulen (Bergen) – Nicko’s first gig! Hurra!

15.09.07 –
Kaninkanon V (København, Denmark) – Indie/DIY-party de-luxe, we stayed in
the best room with lots of cartoons, and we went to the Tivoli.

29.09.07 –
Hard Working Class Heroes Festival (Dublin, Ireland) – 15 minutes of pain.

09.10.07 –
Uka, Knaus/Samfundet (Trondheim, Norway) – 2/3 of the band had pretty poor health, some very drunk girls from Molde danced on stage and shared a cigar with us backstage.

04.01.08 –
Morya (Brescia, Italy) – A cold and Christmas-esque evening.

05.01.08 –
Mattatoio (Carpi, Italy) – Someone knew the lyrics to “The Fall”.

10.01.08 –
Relè Café Bistro (San Giovanni Teatino, Italy) – We slept in a truly beautiful apartment with 5 cats.

11.01.08 –
Traffic (Roma, Italy) – My only impression of Rome is that it is very, very dirty.

28.03.08 –
Buffalo Bar (London, England) – oh, no.

31.03.08 –
Whelan’s (Dublin) – Some videos from this gig is on youtube. A bit sad that I chose that moment
to be 10kg too much.

05.04.08 –
Din Nye Ven (København) – Always great in Copenhagen, and a really nice place too.

14.06.08 –
Fincken (Bergen) – Yes! Best gig in Norway ever! Best place to play in Norway ever!

31.08.08 –
Support for Fanfarlo, Mono (Oslo) – hmmm, but there was chocolate on the pillows.

05.09.08 –
NG2 (Bergen) – I felt bullied, but people said it was good.

24.10.08 –
Support for My Little Pony, Hulen (Bergen) – I passed out the night before, so this was a Solo and smågodt-gig.

09.07.09 –
Support for Shugo Tokumaru, Landmark (Bergen) – Wow! What a year for SFR!

27.02.10 –
London Popfest, 100 club (London) – Yes!

12.05.10 –
Astra Stube (Hamburg, Germany) – Yes, Yes!

07.08.10 –
Cosy Den 2010, Gula Villan (Haninge, Sweden) – Yes, Yes, Yes! Also this was Nicko’s last gig with Soda Fountain Rag.

From 08.10.2008

(Regarding It's Rag Time! red.anm.)

I’m a bit confused as people seem to think the theme of the album is «childhood». So, as a part of my ongoing quest to not do anything proper I went through my album, song by song, to see if this is correct:

Is it really about childhood?

1. Army of silent kids – definitively

2. The Saddest Boy in Town – yes, but in retrospect

3. You Sit and Wait for Life – nope, this is early/mid-20s angst

4. I laugh myself to sleep – not at all

5. Escalator – well, it’s all about falling, which can happen at any age I guess…

6. Go! – definitively not, it’s very childish tho’, but that’s another thing

7. Driving in your Car – nonononono

8. Angry Girl – the use of words like «boy» or «girl» does not mean it’s a song about young people. This is a very personal song. I have however moved since the song was written (twice actually), so I don’t hate my neighbours anymore.

9. The Saddest Boy Again – This is about a gay relationship that ends. So, no.

10. Oh, Brother! – Again a very personal song, about wanting brothers. Not age-specific.

11. I was Reborn – Being uncomfortable with ones gender, is not age-specific, wanting to be a toy-boy however suggests that the «I» of this song is at least older than, what, 15?

12. Monkey Girl – The «I» of monkey girl is old enough to go on a train ride to Italy on her own.

13. Don’t Kill the Clowns – Yes! It’s a song about childhood/growing up!

14. Everything Ends (Baby, that’s a fact) – This kind of madness is early 20-ish I think, so no.

That makes 3 out of 14! Haha, this was fun!

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