søndag 23. januar 2011

Library Books

Today's song is brand new - i.e. it hasn't been released before, but it was written a while ago on a summer day. The library in question is Bergen public library. A very nice place, although their collection of german childrens books could be way better.

Soda Fountain Rag - library books by sodafountainrag

I was supposed to be doing cool things today. Going out on a scary ferry trip to Valestrand and play some violin, but my throat hurts like hell. I really love my job, but why oh why do the kids in the kindergarden have to be so contagious? By the way, I had the coolest conversation with one of the kids the other day about the u-bahn in Berlin. Finally someone I can talk to who shares my interest for this the greatest of inventions. U8 is my favourite, but next time I go to Berlin I want to check out the U7. Look at those stations, espescially Paulsternstrasse.

I watched two episodes of Spise med Price today. I have this thing for scandinavian television programs about cooking. The Mat Tina obsession back in 2002 was particularly big.

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