lørdag 1. januar 2011

An old mixtape for a new year

Hello all!
It's been a very quiet new years eve on my part. As usual. Watched the fireworks from the Big window with my mum and dad. Now it's almost time for bed. I'm not a big fan of this evening, it reminds me of too many unpleasant thoughts that I try to push away the rest of the year. I'm trying to find things to look forward to: I got a DVD with two danish cooks (spise med price) for Christmas, and I'm really looking forward to being a sofa geek and watch it (I'm saving it for Bergen), I'm also looking forward to a pair of new glasses! I just have to decide how they are going to look like first. I will end up looking like the worlds biggest nerd, and I'm quite pleased with that.
But now over to something completely different: When I left Bergen for the vacation I found a mix tape cd:

This is what it looks like ("Vår 2007" = spring 2007, ask your italian friends about the meaning of "che palle" - spring 2007 was not good times). I listened to it on the boat (MS Nordlys), and I was quite surprised several times. I really loved the tracklisting. It was perfect for December 16.! Maybe it could work for 2011 too? I don't know. If you want to try, these are the tracks:

  1. Evil Tordivel – A fine young man
  2. Don’t be kate! – Cul de sac
  3. Strip Squad –  If you don’t take me right away you might as well fuck off
  4. Strip Squad – Meat of lamb
  5. Slagsmålsklubben – Kasta sten
  6. Cerrato – Drama Queen
  7. Camera Obscura – A sister’s social agony
  8. Alphaville – Big in Japan
  9. My Darling You! – We break up on friday
  10. My Darling You! – It’s not nice to be alone in the fall
  11. My Darling You! – Cigarettes and peoplesbeer
  12. My Darling You! – Friday
  13. The Long Blondes – Once and never again
  14. The Killers – When you were young
  15. Rough Bunnies – Stallion tears on the radio
  16. Princess Niko - Dancando sozinho ao luar (I think – struggled a bit to find out)
  17. My Darling You! – I had beautiful strenght and armoured heart
  18. Le Sport – Your brother is my only hope
  19. The Pipettes – School uniform
  20. Ida Maria – Queen of the world
  21. Lucky Lucky Pigeons (?) – Who smells marshmallows
  22. Montt Mardie – New York
  23. Vapnet – Ge dom våld
  24. Joe Hisaishi – Pigeons and a boy
And no, you Can Not skip Alphaville!

Hope you can find January tolerable!

The very best wishes from Soda Fountain Ragnhild

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