søndag 6. februar 2011

Back to the old house: The Saddest Boy in Town live at Landmark

This is a live version of a song featured on the first "proper" album It's Rag Time! recorded at a concert at Landmark in Bergen the summer of 2009.

Soda Fountain Rag - The Saddest Boy in Town (Live @ Landmark) by sodafountainrag

The place described (or mentioned) in this song is the neighbourhood where I grew up - the part of Kristiansund called Karihola. During WW2 the germans built a lot of bunkers in this area as part of Festung Norwegen. This left a perfect playground for us kids who grew up there some 40 years later. Unfortunately some of the bunkers were deemed unfit for children (or people in general) and filled with cement. The rest however were used as places to climb and crawl and hide, to create secret clubs, and to drink the first beer (which I didn't do, but lots of other people did - my friends were too well behaved I guess). I havent been this far out in Karihola for quite some time, as my parents moved to another part of town in 2004, and it just doesn't feel right yet. But, if you, dear reader, should ever travel to Kristiansund, you should take the Karihola bus as far as it goes, then walk up the street called Karihola as far as it goes, then walk into the forest and walk as far as you can until you reach the sea. Sit down. This is the best place on earth.
 I grew up in the red house next to the yellow house at the far right end of this picture. This picture was taken after my parents moved, I found it on the extremely local news site brunsvika.net  - a nice place to visit for those who are fluent in norwegian or eager to learn.

The Sandmännchen in this song is of course the good old one from DDR. For some reason he was included in the legendary norwegian childrens TV christmas calendar "Jul i Skomakergata", where he presented (or introduced) one childrens right each day (the series was first aired in 1979 - UN's childrens year, if I'm not mistaken). Isn't this a bit weird really, if you think about DDR and human rights?

Have a nice week everybody!
Be nice.

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