fredag 18. februar 2011

It was 4 years ago today

First Italian tour - the gig at Zuni in Ferrara. The last gig of the tour. Lots of people, and a really nice atmosphere. Behind the bar was a beautiful girl, and so the idea of the song called "Pretty Girls make Mojitos" was born. After this gig we drove for hours all through the night. I stayed awake to make the moment last as long as possible (driving in your car).
I wrote the song after returning to Bergen, and some people like it. This version is from the gig at Landmark the summer of 2009.
Pretty girls make mojitos fra landmark by sodafountainrag

A while later the girl in the bar contacted me on myspace. She wanted to know about nice places to visit in Norway because her boyfriend lived in Tønsberg at the time. She said a friend had told her about my song. I hope she's ok with it.
Here are some pictures from that tour. No trip will ever be better.
This was the poster. Drawn by Rough Bunnies-Frida

 Outside Fabio's house, where we stayed the first night. Now there's a studio in this apartment, and we've stayed there lots of times, last time was in december. This place feels like home. Fabio must have the kindest parents in the whole world!
On the road to Cesena we stopped in Mantova. Cool for an old Romeo & Juliet fan. There were lots of dogs and the very first panino.

This is Alessandro and me in the bar in Cesena (called Lego - really cool place). I don't usually make friends fast, but Ale is different from all people in the world. This was a special night and I felt like a star. People knew my songs!
Lars is telling a bed time story someplace near Firenze.
 This is from the gig at Zuni in Ferrara.
Ale and Anders in Ferrara.

I'm listening to Loch Ness Mouse's first album right now. And so should you.

PS. Can I tell you about my day at work? In the kindergarden we take care of the kids if they are sick and their parents have an exam (it's a student kindergarden), so I watched "The Little Mermaid" made drawings and talked and laughed and got payed for it. Sometimes I really do love my job.

Have an acceptable weekend folks!
Be nice.

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