lørdag 12. mars 2011

Fraggle Rock

I was listening through some newly made songs tonight (yes, I still make songs!), and all of a sudden I found a pretty poor recording of a song from Fraggle Rock that I probably did a couple of years ago. Fraggle Rock is my absolute favourite childrens TV show. I've noticed that kids relate a lot to the things they see on tv or read in books, saying things like "I'm him!" or "I want to be that one!" thus placing themselves inside the fiction in a way (I guess). When I was a kid i "was" Red fraggle. As I had no siblings (at least not in the house), my mum and dad would be included in this as well. My mum was Mokey (was it because of the grey hair?) and my dad was Gobo (because he could play guitar). By the way, my dad insisted on being Gordon in Thomas the tank engine.
I guess one of the great things about Fraggle Rock is the music, and the recording I found doesn't do any justice to the music of Fraggle Rock. It's just an example of some of the somewhat retarded recordings I've got on my computer, and I've promised to show you some of it, so...
Fraggle Rock is one of the things made for kids that also works fine even if you're an adult. I like those kind of things. Yes, it will not always work with the really small kids, but great artists find ways to make stuff made for kids (and this is important - that the kid is the important receiver) interesting for adults. Some other examples: Janosch, Tove Jansson, Don Rosa, Knutsen og Ludvigsen, Gro Dahle/Svein Nyhus etc.
Anyway, the track in question is from the episode "Mokey and the minstrels" and according to Muppet Wiki it's called "Lose your heart (and it's found)". As far as I know Jim Henson himself did the voice of Cantus. I found a bit on youtube featuring the minstrels from an earlier episode:
I love the voice of that blue dude.
And here is my track:
Lose your heart (and it's found) by sodafountainrag

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