lørdag 30. april 2011

Spending warm summer days indoors

It's surely been a while. One could think that the reason for the silence is the fact that not much is happening in the Soda camp, but things have sort of been starting to happen again, so I have no excuse except the sad fact that I haven't "felt like" writing anything.
So, what's new? We have (as I mentioned on twitter) a new bass player. Hurrah! A nice man called Stian will now join us for future gigs. There are some possibilities to see SFR this summer: in July we play in Paris on the 8th, and Limoges the 9th, and on the 6th of august we play on a boat in the harbour of Hamburg. I look forward to playing live again - for a while it seemed like the live playing days of Soda was over, and that made me sad.
Last night I started making a new song, and I think I've finished it (ish) today. I did the tambourine and such after waking up today, as it didn't seem proper to start doing tambuorine tracks at 1.45 am. Not even on a friday. I think it sounds nice, but I want to clean it up a bit before showing it to you.Here are a couple of pictures of me working:

If I get some help I might be able to mix a demo version of this song pretty soon! If the inspiration stays, that is...

3 kommentarer:

  1. Exciting. You're going to come to the US next, right?

  2. We'll see you twice in a row, can't wait for July to come!