søndag 14. august 2011


Hi all!

This summer we've played two gigs in France and one in Germany.

Here are some pictures from the trip to France.
SFR - clearly much bigger there.

Me and Stian the Tourist in Paris

At the Père-Lachaise we had different people we wanted to visit.

For me Chopin was the most important one.

For Anders it was Proust, and Oscar Wilde of course.

Down in the Metro. Ah, underground transportation!

You shall not pass. Paris' most tired dog didn't move at all when he was stepped over time and time again.

Before the soundcheck in Limoges, where we played in a country side school at the Pop & Merguez festival. Really nice place - great people, great food, and absolutely super to finally meet Guillaume after all these years.

The Wendy Darlings on stage. They were the band I liked the most. Highly recommended!

Late night in Limoges

Me, Guillaume and Anders. We slept in Guillaume and his wife's beautiful house, and got a delicious breakfast the next morning in really nice surroundings. They even bought a Tour de France magazine for Stian. I love the fact that making music has given me the opportunity to meet great people all over Europe. People I had no idea of existed. People that let us sleep in their homes and make sure that we are well fed and get to the correct place on time. This summer we have met people like that in Paris and Limoges and in Hamburg. It makes a heart easily turned misanthropic a little lighter.

C ya! Will try to blog a bit more and a little more often. Other things have been occupying the mind these past weeks.

Be nice!

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