fredag 6. desember 2013

Through the Night

So, after last years hiatus Soda Fountain Rag has in fact recorded a song for christmas this year. Made it this morning in bed, and recorded the rest of the day.


Through the night you’re sitting in your window sill
Staring, your eyes end up dry and red
True, the night might reveal some secrets, but
All in all, all that you knew is dead

And you’ve been lonely for days now
Do you still recall how the snow
Melts when it lands on your nose and on your cheeks and
The cold wind blows you home

Through the night staring into darkness
The mountains behind you are strangers now
Seven seas lie around your cottage
They’re hidden beneath 100 tons of snow

And you’ve been lonely for weeks now
Do you see how this year will end?
The snow is the lock on your door now
In the spring you might open it again

But you’ve already moved 
a 1000 meters towards the
Heaven you never could see
a 1000 meters towards the

end.  And through the night you are dreaming
Of evenings long gone, you can see them now
Close your eyes can you smell the way
That it used to be endlessly long from now

And you’ve been lonely for years now
But the darkness is closing in
Still you are closer to heaven
To the ones that you never thought would win.

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