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Something old that was on the myspace blog back in the olden days

So this is what, a reblog? Found this on my computer, from january 2008:

"Italia III:

Back again from the third trip to bella Italia. This is what happened:
The evening of the 3rd of January we (that’s me, Anders and Nicko) took the plane from Bergen to London Stanstead. Here we spent the evening (and most part of the night), rating potato chips, reading rocky (me) and talking a little bit with a man from Sardegna (me again). 6-ish the next day we flew to Italy. There was fog and generally crappy weather, and also some technical failure, so we were circling over Bergamo for quite some time. This freaked me out quite a bit.
The first gig was on the 4th. After some sleeping and eating (this is by the way two of my all time favourite things to do) we went to Morya, a bar just outside of Brescia. We played there last year also (in February), but then I was near dead from the flu, so it was nice to play there as a “real person” also. Nice gig and nice people I think.
The next day we went to Carpi, a town just outside of Modena. Really cool place called Mattatoio (this means Slaughterhouse). Some videos from this evenings gig are on youtube. Among these one where Anders is telling me how one of the songs start… I know it probably is a very bad habit to forget one’s own songs. At this gig there was quite a lot of people I’ve met before, and also some new faces: A really pretty boy on my right hand side, and a girl who knew the lyrics to the fall! This made me happy. There was also a dude there who yelled something about it being “brutto”, I think. (And just in case I’m right about this: Fuck off! I know not all can like my music, and that I in general have gotten very little bad words about it (which I think is a bit weird actually, it should be hateable enough), but when I’m doing concerts I’m actually happy, and although this old fart didn’t destroy the experience for me – not at all, he could have (for me or someone else)…And how cool is it standing safe in a crowd telling me, relatively exposed, that I suck? Does it cost you anything to just be polite? Write shit about me in your blog instead, asshole.) After the gig Enzo was DJ-ing. Tu sei perfetto!
This night we slept in a nice hotel. Nice nice nice.
The 5th we went back to Brescia – or more precisely Nave, where we were going to do some recording with Ale. Very nice studio in quite rural surroundings. Mountains, fields and foggy, foggy days. I borrowed drums from Simone (drummer in LMALL). Grazie mille! We used 3 days on 9 songs. Mostly old ones that I think deserved a better recording (and some of you probably agree with me on this, right?). These are the songs: The Catcher, You Can’t Stop Me, Are Philosophers Lonely?, Pirate Love, Too Late For Us, You are Not Invited to my Wedding, Dogwalkin’ Summer, Give Yourself a Break, and New Dancing Shoes. Probably due for release sometime this fall. During these studio days we slept in the local priest’s apartment (no kidding!), as he was out of town. A really big flat above the church bar (!). The priest seemed like a cool guy, and he had lots of religious artefacts. I should get me some mo’ of that stuff. While in the studio Anders lost a lot of money to Nicko playing “North and South” (Yes, the NES-game)! I myself managed to beat my old record in Tetris. In the evenings Anna made fabulous food for us, even if she was quite sick. She is a great cook! All this great food means that I’m still a bit chubby… (more to love?)
As we finished all 9 songs in only 3 days, we had one extra day off, and went for a little road trip to the Garda lake. Also we went to a mall, and I bought some silver adidas superstars shoes, a ski hat and a pair of fat pants. And Coffee, and Nutella, of course.
The two last gigs was in Chieti and Rome. Further south than we’ve ever been before. Paolo (Spelo) was the driver, as Ale had to work. Long drive, and lots of nice things to see from the car. Really many tiny-tiny villages on top of little hills (“på små kullar ligger några lustiga hus”). In Chieti (or a little outside of this city) we played in a bar called Relé. Classy place! The owner, Manuela, was very nice, and we got great food and wine. I managed to knock over my glass and made a mess, of course. Both southern gigs was with an Italian band called The Calorifer is very Hot! This night they played before us, and then in Rome the opposite way around. They are only 2 people on stage, but it works like hell! And they are good on CD too (they also recorded with Ale). Not many people for this gig, and I found it a bit hard to know if people liked it, but we had finished they wanted more songs (some of them did, anyway), so I guess it was ok! Talked with some nice people afterwards also. For some reason many Italians ask me for my age. Do you get disappointed when I say I’m 25? I hope not. One thing that is really cool about Italians is that they almost never ask what else you do in life, or talks a lot about jobs. In Norway that’s always question nr. 2 (after the name maybe?), and I don’t like being rated based on this. Also I doubt people are really that interested in what I’m “really” doing. So: copy the Italians, people!
This night we slept in an apartment that was Manuelas grandmothers. It’s one of the nicest places I’ve ever slept! Also she has five (!) cats, and I got to say hi to a couple! For me this is perfect.
Then it was time for Rome. I think Rome has too many cars, and I can’t see how people living there can manage to drive there every day, at least without some sort of benzodiazepines… Me and Anders did some acoustic songs at some sort of Fair-trade-food conference (yes?), and Spelo talked about the label My honey, and honey. His dad’s got lots of bees, and makes honey (Spelo’s dad is really cool, by the way). It was weird (not bad weird, just weird).
The evenings gig was at a very dirty place called traffic. Quite a lot of people, and some seemed to quite like it. A pretty girl danced in front of the stage. I had a little bit of a cold, so after the show my voice was very “sexy”… This night we slept at the most shitty place ever.
Back in Brescia on the next evening we got lots of great food, and a really nice cake from Ale and Anna. Some of their friends were also there. Kind people all of them, and it was sad to say goodbye. Spelo gave us some honey! Yeah!
The worst with these trips is always having to say goodbye to Ale. This summer it was easier, ‘cause I knew I’d see him again in Copenhagen. Now it was harder…
The flight home was boring, and there were stupid people all around us. I feel that no matter where I’m going, or what kind of public transportation I’m on, I’m always stuck with some sort of people that are either annoying or stupid or evil (or a combination of these). On the train home there were two guys that, at best, would work as living adverts for contraception. 

I can’t wait to go back!

Forresten: ble omtalt i urørt-panelet den 9. jan. Om noen skulle være interessert i å høre hva en litt muggen dame og en kul fyr syntes om ”I wanna be your cat”. Egentlig ble jeg i litt dårlig humør av det (ikke pga den kule duden), men så fant jeg ut at nevnte fyr var med i reprise, og da steg hans vurdering så jævla mye sånn verdimessig (for meg) at nevnte dame kan hate på meg så mye hun vil, og mer til! Haha!" 

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