torsdag 11. juni 2015

It Fell Apart

Made it yesterday evening/night, and recorded it then and today.

This one was a bit hard to do. "The island" is Osterøy. The letters refer to people.

It fell apart

Some months had passed, I moved away
To another place, another pace
And I tried to make it go away
But then we were broken

I didn’t eat, I wished I could
Get the time to stop, to turn it back
And I disappeared, and never saw
The ghost I became, but

The island, the grass, and the water
The ferry, the cat, and the cows and
R and K and Y and K and T kept me safe from the
Dark thoughts and the endless cold silence
The holes, and the years – all the years
That vanished fast, and left a vast
Desert of nothing

I didn’t vanish, though I tried so hard
And I’m still around, ‘cause I tried so hard
But a big part died, I think I cried it
Out in the soil

Where some flowers grow, the silent kind
And the endless nights, the stars that shine
And I start to see another me
Not broken and shallow


There are days where nights used to be
There are mornings fair and aimless
There’s a hand that’s searching for me
Will you lift me out of darkness?

There are moons where wounds used to be
There are craters, plumes, and fountains
There are worlds just waiting for me
There are rivers, paths, and mountains

There are roads I’ve never yet seen
There are deserts, forests, waters
There’s a hand that’s searching for me

Will you lift me out of darkness?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Such a treat to hear new stuff. I used to listen to Rag Time on repeat in high school yet hearing your voice again for the first time in years somehow brings me nostalgia rather than memories of looming shame. I hope you consider making this downloadable on soundcloud. Thank you!

  2. just delighted, very beautiful piece :~